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SALVATION – Do You Know What is Required to Have Eternal Life?



Where is Michael?

The Watchtower teaches that Jesus was created as the Archangel Michael prior to being born on earth. Then somehow his “life breath” was transferred into the human body of Jesus. Converting out of the archangel Michael into the human Jesus, he lived on earth as a perfect human.

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Misguided by Mormonism but Redeemed by God's Grace

Misguided by Mormonism but Redeemed by God's Grace
Misguided by Mormonism but Redeemed by God's Grace: Leaving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for Biblical Christianity

Have you ever considered sharing your Biblical Christian faith with a Mormon friend, coworker or neighbor?

Within the past few years, the basic relationship between the Mormon and the Christian, has changed forever. For the first time in the history of the Mormon Church, authentic and realistic Mormon doctrine and history are now available to you through the Mormon Church's official website.

We speak from personal experience, and we desire to help guide you in bringing the Mormon people to an accurate knowledge of Mormon doctrine and their Church's history of deception so that they can come to know Jesus Christ in simplicity and truth as He is taught in the Bible.   Learn how to use the Mormon Church's official website and scriptures to present the differences between Mormonism and Biblical Christianity to your Mormon (LDS) loved-ones.

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SALVATION - What is required to have eternal life?


SALVATION - What is required to have eternal life?

God has given us a conscience to know right from wrong, but we don't always follow our consciences and often we end up doing things that hurt other people. So God gave us the Bible to teach us His laws on what is right and wrong. But even then, people don't like to follow rules and so they come up with excuses (which are not valid) for not believing the Bible. When we break God's rules and go against the conscience He gave us, the Bible calls this sin. Sin makes us guilty before God and just as we have rules in our government that when broken we have to pay a fine or spend time in prison, the same is true for God. He has created the rule that those who commit sin (break God's standards) will ultimately die physically and spiritually and this is why we all die someday. It's because we have all done things that we know are wrong. But God has provided a way for us to be forgiven of our sins and that is through His Son Jesus. He died so that those who place their trust in Him and decide to follow Him for the rest of their lives, can resurrect to eternal life with Him. What you believe about Jesus Christ really does matter and whether you decide to follow Him really does affect your eternity.  So why not learn more about how you can be forgiven and have eternal life below:

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Witnessing the Mormons during General Conference and Arizona's Easter Pageant

Marshall Witnessing to Mormons in April 2023Some twenty years ago, I made a record of the people that I met on the way to Salt Lake.  It was amazing how many people I talked to and how many people I gave tracts to just on the way to and from Salt Lake.  This year I decided to spend money and fly.  I don’t normally spend that much money and then I can go more often.  Now I am retired and for some reason, I have more money than when I worked full time.  It is still hard to decide to spend some of it, but I decided to do it anyway.  My intention in the airport was to get an emergency exit seat.  I was getting on the plane, and they assigned me seat 10A.  Rather than being disappointed, I asked God if he had a Mormon for me to talk to.  Later a young man sat next to me and started to put in a ear plug or ear bud.  I introduced myself and he took out the ear bud.  His name started with a “B”, and I will call him “Barry.”  He Had 4 kids and a wife.  I asked him if he was from the Tri-Cities, and he said he had come there for a job about a year ago.  I asked him where he worked, and he told me that he worked at Hanford for a contractor that I used to work for.  I told him that I was a radiation monitor for 40 years.  Then I asked him if he went to church anywhere.  He said that he was LDS.  He was a lifetime Mormon.  Ok God, here we go.

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The “Most Correct Book”?

Inspiration or Not? by Heather Duncan

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The Most Correct Book?

My Mormon friends shared their testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was God's true church in many ways. They spoke of the blessings of the temple and having their families together forever. They pointed out similarities of the Mormon church to the New Testament church, such as not having paid preachers and the emphasis on every member spreading the gospel. They rejoiced in receiving new revelations from God through modern-day, living prophets. But, most especially, they emphasized that “We have the fullness of the gospel,” contained in the Book of Mormon.

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Hi I’m Rob.  I was raised Mormon and in this picture I’m standing with my buddy Doug who was raised Jehovah’s Witnesses. Both of us grew up in religions that teach a different Jesus from the One the Bible proclaims. When we learned the truth about WHO Jesus Christ is and WHAT He is done to save us, we left religion to embrace a personal relationship with Christ, trusting in His works alone for salvation.  The biblical gospel of Christ is simple. All you need to do is place your faith in Jesus Christ as God and Lord of your life, accept His atoning death for sin and open  your heart to receive the gift of His Holy Spirit who bring regeneration in your life and makes you born again.



Anne MarieHi I’m Trish. I was a Jehovah’s Witness for 42 years. I was lost and I was hungry and I didn’t know what for… until I found out who Christ really is. In all those years going door to door with my Bible, no one ever shared Christ with me. I don’t think they knew how. I don’t think they knew they could or that they needed to. I’m just so grateful someone finally did. bullets





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